SW Michigan

6:38 am
Thu October 17, 2013

Bicycle bills clear House

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New turn signal, safety measures approved
LANSING, MI -- Michigan lawmakers are looking to boost bicycle safety by updating an outdated road rule and enhancing penalties for irresponsible motorists who injure or kill someone on a bike. The state House on Tuesday unanimously approved legislation that would provide road cyclists with an alternative legal method to signal an impending right turn.
6:35 am
Thu October 17, 2013

Study finds international students critical to Michigan's economy

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Report finds students from other countries are choosing to stay in Michigan after graduation
The nonprofit groups Global Talent Retention Initiative and Global Detroit said that by 2018 Michigan will need to find candidates to fill 274,000 jobs in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing (STEM) and that targeting international students at state colleges and universities will help meet that goal.
8:28 pm
Wed October 16, 2013

Enbridge turns parks over to Calhoun Conservation District

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Endowment fund will help pay for maintaining parks
Saylor’s Landing looks nothing like it did three years ago. “It’s taken a lot of work to clean it up,” said Steve Wuori, Enbridge Inc.’s president of liquids pipelines and major projects. “We’ve deployed a lot of resources to do that. We’re very happy with the results. I think the way the river looks, the way the river has cleaned up, we’re very happy with that. And these parks are kind of part of that whole effort.”
8:18 pm
Wed October 16, 2013

Experts expect few lasting effects from shutdown in West Michigan

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Real risk is in default on debt
After 16 days of federal government shutdown, how long will West Michigan still be reeling from the effects?
8:12 pm
Wed October 16, 2013

No ruling in gay marriage case, judge orders trial to start in February

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Director of Kalamazoo Gay-Lesbian Resource Center says he's still optimistic
  • Source: Mlive
  • | Via: Kalamazoo Gazette
KALAMAZOO, MI -- Although U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman declined to overturn Michigan's gay marriage ban Wednesday, supporters of the gay and lesbian community in Kalamazoo remain hopeful for a lifting of the state's voter-approved ban.