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  • November 15, 2017
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • $5-$29
  • Early Bird discount available through Nov. 3
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Rose ensemble

Presented in collaboration with Kalamazoo Bach Festival On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” onto the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany and altered not only the world’s theological landscape, but also the entire European musical perspective. Five hundred years later, those hammer blows still resonate. Piffaro, the Renaissance Band and The Rose Ensemble will guide listeners through a musical exploration of that first formative century of the Reformation, from intimate hymns penned by Luther himself to the great master Michael Praetorius’ grand elaborations for multiple choirs of instruments and voices. Singers from the Bach Festival Chorus join The Rose Ensemble and Piffaro for these larger numbers. Founded in 1996 by Artistic Director Jordan Sramek and now in its 20th performance season, The Rose Ensemble is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Through virtuosic artistry and scholarly research, the group produces imaginative and inspiring musical performances and educational programs that connect each individual to compelling stories of human culture and spirituality from around the world. Each season, the group illuminates several centuries of rarely heard repertoire, bringing to modern audiences research from the world’s manuscript libraries and fresh perspectives on music, history, languages, politics and religion. With ten commercial recordings and a diverse selection of concert programs, The Rose Ensemble has thrilled audiences across the US and Europe with repertoire spanning 1,000 years and 25 languages, including new research in European, Middle Eastern and American traditions. www.roseensemble.org Piffaro delights audiences with highly polished recreations of the rustic music of the peasantry and the elegant sounds of the official wind bands of the late Medieval and Renaissance periods. Its everexpanding instrumentarium includes shawms, dulcians, sackbuts, recorders, krumhorns, bagpipes, lutes, guitars, harps, and a variety of percussion — all careful reconstructions of instruments from the period. Under the direction of Artistic Directors Joan Kimball and Bob Wiemken, they present a concert series in the Philadelphia region; tour the United States, Europe, Canada and South America; and appear at major Early Music festivals. They have released 18 CDs since 1992, including 4 on the prestigious label Deutsche Grammophon/ Archiv Produktion. Piffaro has been active in education since its inception in 1980, and has been honored twice for such work by Early Music America. In June 2015, the American Recorder Society honored Piffaro with its Distinguished Achievement Award. www.piffaro.org

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