Diversity Statement

Diversity Policy

WMUK is committed to ensuring that its workforce and Friends Advisory Committee reflect the diversity found in the communities it serves.   Central to WMUK’s mission, vision and values is maintaining a governing and workplace environment which recognizes and celebrates the power of diversity. WMUK strives to create and foster a supportive environment in which all individuals can be successful and reach their full potential within the organization.

WMUK seeks a diverse workforce and governing body through distinct personalities and capabilities of each individual within the group. On a personal level, the diversity of an individual is defined by their cultural and personal differences, as well as life and professional experiences.

WMUK believes that diversity considerations extend beyond race and gender. The spectrum of diversity also includes disability, religious belief, age, culture, sexual orientation, physicality, education and socio- economic status.

WMUK is an equal opportunity employer and will attempt to recruit a diverse work force and explicitly forbid discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, veteran status, sex, age, height weight, protected disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and marital status.

WMUK's Annual Diversity Statement, as a part of our CPB CSG Eligibility is attached below. As part of our Eligibility, WMUK also undertakes an initiative on an annual basis. In 2015/16 this included WMUK's StoryCorp "Outloud" iniative, as outlined in our Diversity Statements below. In 2016/17 this initiative focus on the production of 3-5 feature segments relating to the experience of Muslim-Americans in Southwest Michigan, and more broadly, Islam in America.  

Updated 2016-10-01.