WMUK EEO Public File Report

For the period June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013

There were no vacancies for permanent full-time positions at WMUK during the period of this report, and no vacancies were filled. Therefore, there is no recruitment information to provide concerning applicants or referral sources.

During the past year WMUK mailed to several community organizations and ran on-air announcements on WMUK advising community organizations that they might be added to our list of organizations notified of employment openings as they occur. No organizations requested that WMUK provide notification of WMUK job vacancies in the future. These announcements ran as follows: one day every two weeks, twice a day in random day parts. WMUK maintains a file of those who have expressed interest in the past in being notified.

WMUK's EEO outreach activities during the period covered by this report include:

1.News internships are designed to teach young people skills needed for broadcast employment, specifically skills required to become multimedia reporters and producers with an emphasis on audio. Internships cover a period of 14 weeks per semester. There are three semesters per year. During a semester each intern spends 10-15 hours per week at the station receiving training and producing features. Eighteen (18) interns participated in the program between June 1, 2012, and May 31, 2013, of whom three (3) were minorities (African-American: 3). Participation for each semester was as follows: Spring 2012: 5 interns (2 African-American); Summer 2012: 1 intern; Fall 2012: 5 interns; Spring 2013: 5 interns (1 African-American); Summer 2013: 2 interns. All but one of the news features produced by WMUK interns were broadcast on air.

2.WMUK’s General Manager offers consultation, administrative assistance to and program evaluation for WKDS-FM, a high school student-operated station licensed to the Kalamazoo Public Schools and managed by the Public Media Center with participation in the area's Education For Employment program. This community group is active in providing information about broadcast employment issues. WMUK’s General Manager serves on the WKDS Radio Broadcasting Advisory Committee, attends 2 meetings per year (4 every two years). WMUK’s GM attended two meetings this past year. WMUK’s General Manager also participates in discussions with students about employment and careers in Broadcasting.

3.WMUK offers on-site tours and in-class presentations about career skills, audio production, station management and developments in electronic media. These services have been provided to communications and journalism students at Western Michigan University during the past year. In these tours and tours with youth organizations, such as scout groups the station manager discusses employment and employment opportunities at WMUK. WMUK’s General Manager conducted four such tours this past year.

4. WMUK provides an award of an annual $1000 radio scholarship for students at Western Michigan University's Communications Department. This scholarship is awarded to qualifying students with a strong interest in audio production and community service. In the spring of 2013, the 2012-13 WMUK scholarship was awarded to Western Michigan University students Westley Wheat and Katelyn Orsini.

5. WMUK’s General Manager participates in at least two career fairs each year. WMUK’s GM, and WMUK’s News Director both attended the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Career and Networking Fair at Brown Hall at Western Michigan University on October 16, 2012.  There WMUK's GM and News Director met with students and young professionals to provide information and career advice. WMUK's GM also met and consulted with students and young professionals at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Media Career and Networking Fair in at the Lansing Center in Lansing Michigan on March 13, 2013.  WMUK co-sponsored each of the above career fairs.

Western Michigan University, WMUK's licensee, maintains a vigorous Equal Employment Opportunity program in compliance with state and federal law. The program is administered by David Glenn, Associate Vice President for Institutional Equity (269) 387-6316.

WMUK Employment Opportunities:
Currently there are no full-time employment opportunities available. However community organization may be placed on a list to be notified if you so choose. 

WMUK provides notice of full-time employment openings as they occur to organizations within the community requesting them. If your organization wishes to be placed on our list of community groups to be notified you may make your request by e-mail to or through a written request at WMUK, Employment Opportunities, 1903 W. Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5351. 

WMUK as an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer:
As an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, WMUK and Western Michigan University periodically inform staff (including WMUK staff members) and potential applicants for employment of our EEO policies, program and HR Policies within the university. To learn more about the University’s EEO policies, program and HR policy visit the following websites:

Staff Compensation System (This site explains how WMU determines pay grade for each position (equal pay for equal work). Link:

WMU's Job Opportunity Program (This site explains equitable access to job opportunities within campus). Two links:

In addition information from the Office of Institutional Equity can be found at: