WMUK EEO Public File Report

There were one vacancy for WMUK permanent full-time positions during the report period from June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016. The vacancy was for a General Manager. The General Manager vacancy opened on January 15, 2016 and was filled on May 09, 2016.  The full report is available below.

WMUK Employment Opportunities:
WMUK provides notice of full-time employment openings as they occur to organizations within the community requesting them. If your organization wishes to be placed on our list of community groups to be notified you may make your request by e-mail to or through a written request to WMUK, Employment Opportunities, 1903 W. Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5351. 

WMUK is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer:
Western Michigan University, WMUK's licensee, maintains a vigorous Equal Employment Opportunity program in compliance with state and federal law. The program is administered by Evelyn Winfield-Thomas, Executive Director, Office of Institutional Equity (269) 387-6316.

As an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, WMUK and Western Michigan University periodically inform staff (including WMUK staff members) and potential applicants for employment of our EEO policies, program and HR Policies within the university. As recently as December 3, 2015 WMUK Management discussed the following with Western Michigan University's Licensing Offical: WMUK's 2015 EEO Report, the FCC's EEO requirements and how WMUK meets those requirements. To learn more about the University’s EEO policies, program and HR policy visit the following websites:

Staff Compensation System (This site explains how WMU determines pay grade for each position and equal pay for equal work). Link:

WMU's Job Opportunity Program (This site explains equitable access to job opportunities within campus). Two links:

In addition information from the Office of Institutional Equity can be found at: