Greg Allen en Florida's Freshwater Springs Attract Vacationers Transcript <p>DAVID GREENE, HOST: <p>All right. If I say Florida and Spring Break, you might be conjuring images of beaches, cocktails, theme parks. Well, some of our reporters have been sending suggestions for more off-the-beaten-path destinations and NPR's Greg Allen takes us to Florida and the state's fresh waters springs.<p>GREG ALLEN, BYLINE: There are several hundred springs in Florida. Tue, 15 Apr 2014 09:17:00 +0000 Greg Allen 13623 at After Setbacks, Florida Governor Courts Latino Support In Florida, where Republican Gov. Rick Scott is running for re-election, he's got a few things going for him. The state's economy has rebounded from the recession and he's on track to raise at least $100 million for his reelection bid.<p>But Scott's campaign has recently run into trouble with an important group of voters — Hispanics.<p>Latinos make up just 14 percent of Florida's electorate. But, as a bloc of voters, they have the power to swing elections statewide.<p>Although Scott has not formally announced his re-election bid, he is working to court the Hispanic vote. Tue, 01 Apr 2014 20:30:00 +0000 Greg Allen 13319 at After Setbacks, Florida Governor Courts Latino Support Oil Industry Gets An Earful As It Eyes Florida's Everglades As oil production goes, Florida isn't much of a player. The state produced less than 2 million barrels last year, which is how much oil Texas pumps from its wells each day.<p>That's about to change as the revolution in oil drilling technology comes to Florida.<p>One of the areas targeted for oil drilling is at Jaime Duran's doorstep in the southwestern part of the state. A retired engineer, Duran lives in a cottage with his wife, Pamela, and the chickens they raise on a 5-acre plot. Thu, 13 Mar 2014 22:16:00 +0000 Greg Allen 12927 at Oil Industry Gets An Earful As It Eyes Florida's Everglades In Closely Watched Congressional Election, GOP Wins In Florida Transcript <p>RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: <p>A special election for a congressional seat on Florida suggests trouble ahead for Democratic candidates who backed Obamacare in swing districts. Republican David Jolly claimed victory last night in a congressional district that includes part of St. Petersburg, beating a strong Democratic candidate, Alex Sink. Wed, 12 Mar 2014 09:09:00 +0000 Greg Allen 12878 at Technology Tracks Crews Through The Fog Of Wildfire For crews fighting wildfires, the ability to get accurate information quickly is crucial. A breakdown in communication was one factor in a fire that killed 19 firefighters in Arizona last year, and in the deaths of two Florida firefighters in Arizona in 2011.<p>Florida officials hope to address some of those communication problems with a new tracking system designed to keep tabs on crews in the field.<p>In the West, crews fight wildfires with shovels and chainsaws. Fri, 07 Feb 2014 23:14:00 +0000 Greg Allen 12207 at Technology Tracks Crews Through The Fog Of Wildfire