low-income http://wmuk.org en State democrats push for boost in low-income tax credit http://wmuk.org/post/state-democrats-push-boost-low-income-tax-credit <p>Michigan governor Rick Snyder says a tax credit for low income residents is redundant. According to <a href="http://ipr.interlochen.org/ipr-news-features/episode/democrats-push-plan-bump-state-low-income-tax-credit/2013-02-26">Interlochen Public Radio</a>, state democrats want to revitalize the Earned Income Tax Credit, which has faced significant budget cuts in the past few years. But Snyder says residents with low wages already receive the credit.</p> Wed, 27 Feb 2013 11:06:08 +0000 Rebecca Thiele 2729 at http://wmuk.org