Robbie Feinberg

Woodworker Mark Noel of Hickory Corners has something odd sitting in a clear, glass box in his living room: A 550-foot-long wooden chain. It has nearly 2,000 individual links, all made from one giant silver maple tree from Noel’s father’s wood lot. The work took 3,000 hours and nearly a decade to complete, and its journey will reach a new destination later this month as part of ArtPrize in Grand Rapids.

Both Sides Blast Renewable Energy Bill

4 hours ago

There’s heated debate over the future of renewable energy policy in Michigan – and it’s not just Democrats versus Republicans.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is criticizing legislation that would put new limits on Michigan’s net metering program. That program allows people with solar panels to sell surplus energy back to the grid.

The state has signed an agreement with Enbridge Energy to ensure that heavy crude oil will not be shipped through a pipeline that runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac. But the agreement does not change anything because Enbridge Line 5 is not built to carry heavy crude.

"BATTLE CREEK, MI -- Fort Custer near Battle Creek appears to be heading the short list to locate a $3 billion missile defense system to safeguard the eastern United States, U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and U.S. Rep. Fred Upton said Thursday." (Kalamazoo Gazette)

"Four employees at the Berrien County Jail are the subject of an internal investigation involving possible improper conduct while off duty, according to a news release from Sheriff L. Paul Bailey."(Kalamazoo Gazette)