A scene from She Rises by Cara Beth Heath
Queer Theatre Kalamazoo

It’s not hard to find a production of Our Town or Death of a Salesman in Southwest Michigan if you wait long enough, but new plays are a different story. For the second weekend in a row, Queer Theatre Kalamazoo will continue its run of two fresh plays from Western Michigan University theatre students.


Robbie Feinberg

Both the Kalamazoo Growlers and the Battle Creek Bombers kicked off their seasons this week, and to get fans in seats, both teams are using promotions like fireworks, giveaways, even events like “Redneck Night” at the park. The Bombers, though, are trying out a questionably delicious culinary strategy, too.

Borgess Health

When the doors of the jail shut on the young man, the officers who arrested him thought he was just another young drunk. He wasn’t. He was sick. In fact, he was mortally ill. Within another day the young man died for lack of medical care and the Last Rites of the Catholic Church were administered to him by Father Francis O’Brien.

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On WestSouthwest, a study on the link between location and economic mobility. And what we can expect from this year's fruit crop in Southwest Michigan. 


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State lawmakers have approved a bill that would allow a private prison near Baldwin to reopen and house high-security inmates. It now goes to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk.