Michigan Film Credits Closer to Elimination

2 hours ago
Melissa Benmark / WKAR

Michigan’s film credits are a step closer to being eliminated by the state Legislature. A House panel approved a bill Wednesday that would end the program on October 1st. The vote was largely party-line, with almost all Republicans voting in favor and most Democrats voting against. 


Michigan will get rid of county gun boards that review applications for concealed pistol licenses (CPLs). Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation on Wednesday that will require county clerks to issue CPLs to any qualified applicant who passes a State Police background check. 

Kevin Lavery, WKAR


Legislation that would allow faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to work with LGBT couples or anyone else based on moral or religious grounds is headed to the floor of the state House. A state House committee approved the bills as the US Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments on same-sex marriage. 

Robbie Feinberg

Ever since Michigan farmers first discovered that certain wine grapes could grow in the fields of Southwest Michigan back in the 1970s, they’ve searched for ways to sell it. Now, the state’s Wine and Grape Industry Council is looking into a potential certification program for “sustainable” wineries and vineyards. But simply defining sustainability can be difficult, let alone certifying it.

Kalamazoo College officials in an email Wednesday said a "highly inflammatory" online posting included a threat of "systematically executing faculty." Police don't believe the person who posted it on a student commission web document is connected with campus or will follow through, but security has been increased.