Michigan governor Rick Snyder may be the newest GOP candidate for the White House. Snyder mingled with donors at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in Las Vegas on Friday and told at least one attendee that he was a candidate. On Saturday morning, the former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman told reporters: “I met with Rick Snyder yesterday. He’s running. He’s running.” (The Guardian)

The School of Music at Western Michigan University will celebrate the end of the school year with the 56th annual Concerto Concert on Sunday. Flutist Maria Vizcarra, percussionist Amber Feltrin, and tubist Chance Trottman-Huiet were awarded the three winning spots in the 2015 competition. 

NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), A. Nota (ESA/STScI), and the Westerlund 2 Science Team

Twenty five years ago, the Hubble Space telescope deployed into orbit around the Earth and changed the way we saw space. It got close up shots of planets and moons and peered into the deepest parts of the universe. To commemorate the occasion, the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society is bringing in astrophysicist Frank Summers of the Space Telescope Science Institute for a talk about the Hubble on April 25th at 7 p.m. at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. WMUK's Robbie Feinberg caught up with him from his office in Maryland.

Carlos Osorio / AP Photo

When Angela Flournoy visited her father’s childhood home in East Detroit, she was struck by the contrast between the house and the city surrounding it. The house had been maintained over the years dating back to the 1940s. But the once-flourishing around it had fallen into ruins. And with it, perhaps, the American Dream.

The Kalamazoo Junior Symphony, led by Andrew Koehler, will present a program titled "Cinematic," playing film music from Star Wars, The Gadfly, and Intermezzo, to conclude its 2014-15 season.