Detroit native Barry Harris is an internationally renowned jazz pianist, composer and teacher.

"Ypsilanti — James Michael Smith, president of Northern State University in South Dakota, is the new leader of Eastern Michigan University, effective July 1." (Detroit News)

"WASHINGTON -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Friday said he has asked the chairman of the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for the chance to testify on the Flint water crisis and improvements he wants to recommend at the local, state and federal levels." (Detroit Free Press)

Fred Western

A specific question has been on the minds of a lot of people in the Kalamazoo arts community lately: What happens when the media changes, and arts coverage from the local newspaper shrinks in just a few short years?  The shift has happened fast in Kalamazoo. Now, arts leaders have a plan to collaborate on a new arts publication. Its purpose: to serve as a hub for listings, reviews and arts features for Southwest Michigan. 

Christopher Magson

In contrary motion, things move in opposite directions. On a musical instrument, contrary motion refers to a melody in which one series of notes rises in pitch while opposing notes descend. In his debut novel Contrary Motion (Penguin Random House, March 2016), Kalamazoo College English professor Andy Mozina moves his 38-year-old character, harpist Matthew Grzbc, in opposite directions in almost every aspect of his life.