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On November 28th, Strawberry Heritage -- the project of Grand Rapids songwriter John Hanson -- will perform at Bell's Eccentric Cafe. Hanson like a lot of songwriters, he writes his tunes alone, inside his bedroom most of the time. Yet with harmonies, strings -- even an oboe -- his songs don’t sound quiet. Hanson says each of his albums is like an archive of a certain time and place in his life. The only constant on each record is Hanson, with a rotating cast of West Michigan musicians collaborating and adding their own sounds to each recording.

If you know the Christmas story, you’ll probably remember a star that appeared in the east and guided three wise men to baby Jesus. But what was this star? Or was it a star at all? A new planetarium program at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum discusses scientific explanations for why this star might have appeared.


On this Thanksgiving edition of WestSouthwest, we rebroadcast two interviews heard previously on the program. StoryCorps founder Dave Isay and writer, actor and Marine Veteran Benjamin Busch. 

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We all have that first love. It hits us hard and we never forget. Some of us are lucky enough to hold onto that love our whole lives. For Marsha Meyer, that first and lasting love was the library. Meyer is retiring from the Portage District Library after 35 years but she remembers well that moment when she first entered the magical world of books as a child.


One Republican state Senator wants some criminal convictions to be automatically scrubbed from public records.