KVCC Launches Cell Tower Academy

3 hours ago
Newkirk Electric

Next month, Kalamazoo Valley Community College will start a new Cell Tower Technician Academy at its Groves Campus. The six-week program in cooperation with Muskegon-based Newkirk Electric Company will train students to build and maintain cell phone towers.

With the rise in popularity of cell phones has come an increase in demand for the workers who build and maintain cell telephone towers. Tom Sutton is the Director of Wind, Energy and Technology at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

A stained glass image of the official Battle Creek city seal can be seen on the main interior staircase of city hall between the second and third floors
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

For about as long as Battle Creek has been a city, newcomers have wondered how it got its name. But even if you know about the historical skirmish between surveying settlers and Native Americans, you might still be surprised by what you find on the stairs in Battle Creek’s city hall. 

Dunuya Drum & Dance
courtesy of Carolyn Kobel

 You know that feeling you get at an outdoor festival? The sun is warm. You hear music and maybe smell something cooking in the air. People are moving, laughing. It’s a feeling that’s hard to duplicate indoors, but this weekend the Michigan Global Roots Festival will attempt to do just that. 

Congress has yet to appropriate any money for the project. Communities in Ohio, New York, and Maine are also hoping to land the facility supporters say could create about 2,100 jobs.

Western Michigan University

The man who helped establish the current home of Western Michigan University’s Lee Honors College has died. A news release from the university says Carl Lee died on Sunday, he was 96. Lee and his wife Winifred pledged $500,000 in 1988 to build the home of what is now the Lee Honors College. A $1.1-million contribution from the family in 2012 allowed for the expansion and renovation of the building. 

Correction: An earlier version of this story said Carl Lee and his wife helped establish WMU's Lee Honors College. The college was actually launched in the 1960's before Lee and his wife donated the money for the new building.