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The co-founder of the International Wolf Center says wolf hunting continues to be clouded by politics. 


The latest report on the manufacturing economy in West Michigan finds growth continues to be moderate. 


A new report is calling for a coordinated approach to helping low-income families. 

KVCC to Go Smoke-Free

Nov 11, 2014

Kalamazoo Valley Community College will go smoke-free next year. It has approved a campus-wide ban on tobacco products effective January 1.

After that date, the only place students will be allowed to smoke at KVCC is in their cars. The college says a committee of “students, faculty and staff” recommended the changes to its tobacco policy.

The ban includes so-called e-cigarettes. Those don’t contain tobacco leaves and don’t burn, but do emit nicotine vapor.

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Some veterans of combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq come home with mental and spiritual wounds as well as physical injuries. Many don’t know how to ask for help coping with them. But a five-year-old all-volunteer program in Michigan is stepping up. The Buddy to Buddy program which links veterans with fellow vets who need help obtaining services and benefits, or who just need someone to talk with: someone who understands what they’re going through.