State Representative Aaron Miller says lawmakers and the Snyder administration should not count on voters approving a sales tax increase to boost road funding. 

Lori May

When Lori May moved from her native Canada to Detroit she became keenly aware of her need to be involved in her new literary community. May takes the responsibility of being what she calls a "literary citizen" seriously. In fact, during her years living in Detroit (she now resides in the Pacific Northwest), May wrote The Write Crowd: Literary Citizenship and the Writing Life (Bloomsbury, 2015), exploring what it means to be a literary citizen.

Merze Tate in Greece
courtesy of Sonya Bernard Hollins

On WestSouthwest, the barriers broken by Western Michigan University graduate Merze Tate and following the money spent by lobbyists in Michigan.

Gandy Dancer/Wikimedia Commons

Michigan lobbyists spent more than $37-million trying to influence state lawmakers last year. 

Merze Tate in Greece
courtesy of Sonya Bernard Hollins


Sonya Bernard Hollins says she couldn’t shake the name Merze Tate, and has been following it ever since.