Matthew Fries is an established New York City-based jazz pianist who has performed with a wide variety of jazz singers and instrumentalists.

He joins Jazz Currents host Keith Hall to talk about his early musical opportunities, and takes advantage of the rare opportunity to play as a solo artist in the Takeda studio. An experienced ensemble player (he and Keith are both members of Tri-Fi), Mr. Fries talks about the difference between solo and ensemble playing.

Jay Gavan/Robert Shimmin

If you follow music in Kalamazoo, you might recognize Jay Gavan’s name from any one of several prominent local bands.

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The director of Fontana, David Baldwin, joins Cara Lieurance to discuss the history and music of the Vienna Boys Choir in anticipation of the famed choral group's appearance in Kalamazoo at Chenery Auditorium. 

Michigan State Police

If you're traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday in Michigan, State Police troopers will be watching.

The department says it will have the largest "Operation CARE" program to date from Wednesday through Sunday. "CARE" is a national program that stands for "Combined Accident Reduction Effort."

Traffic enforcement patrols will be increased across Michigan with a focus on drunk drivers, careless driving, speeding, and people who aren't wearing seat belts.

Housing Resources Inc.

On our Thanksgiving edition of WestSouthwest we rebroadcast interviews on housing and education.