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The former Plainwell Paper Mill, lying right along the Kalamazoo River, has a complicated history with its surrounding city. The mill made Plainwell the city you see today, offering up nearly 500 jobs for Plainwell’s 4,000 residents. But when it closed in 2000, it left behind contamination, economic hardship, and frustrated locals.

The publicity photo for 'Been Loving You.' Face Off Theatre Company will put on the play this month.
Face Off Theatre Company

The annual Black Arts Festival is coming up this month—and it’s bigger than ever. The festival now spans seven days instead of four with more local artists, more demonstrations, and more community events.

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As children, we're taught to treat books with respect. Don’t write in the margins. Don’t fold down the corners of pages. Don’t break the spines. But what about altering a book into another form of art?

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The state Senate has approved its $1.5 billion plan to boost road funding. Lt. Gov. Brian Calley cast two tie-breaking votes on bills to gradually raise Michigan’s gas tax by 15 cents over three years. 


On WestSouthwest, the link between the Kalamazoo Promise and college graduation. And a link between craft beer and several new businesses in Kalamazoo.