The Democrat who narrowly lost earlier this month in the State Senate district that covers Kalamazoo County says he wants a recount.

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On WestSouthwest, a new effort to eliminate the racial disparities in infant mortality in Kalamazoo County. And the founder of the Iraq Oil Report, Kalamazoo native Ben Lando, tells us Iraq is "close to the brink."


Housing Resources Inc.

Housing Resources Incorporated of Kalamazoo says it's campaign to place 80 families in housing by year's end is "on track." 

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A strategy used in the Los Angeles area that led to a big drop in the high rate of black infants dying in the first year of birth is launching in Kalamazoo in hopes of similar results here, its lead organizer says.  

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Iraq Oil Report founder Ben Lando says in many ways Iraq is close to "falling apart."