2013's Great Grown Up Spelling Bee
Kalamazoo Public Library

Spelling bees used to be about nervous kids in their Sunday best, dusting off words no longer a part of common speech. But Wednesday night you can experience a very different kind of bee. This one isn’t for kids and it’s all about the fun.

John Haberstroh/Wikimedia Commons

On WestSouthwest, a new report on helping families out of poverty and what election results mean for Great Lakes issues. 


John Haberstroh/Wikimedia Commons

Governor Rick Snyder's re-election has ramifications for economic and social issues, as well as the Great Lakes. 

Michigan voters rejected two state laws last week to allow a wolf hunt in parts of the Upper Peninsula. But those votes are seen as symbolic. 



The Michigan League for Public Policy says any effort to help families get out of poverty has to address both parents and children.