Western Michigan University

When Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan was looking for ways to save money on city operations, faculty and students from Western Michigan University became part of the solution. 

Alison Sheehy

When author Patty Chang Anker turned 40, she decided it was time to stray from her straight and narrow path of life in order to not have it pass her by. She began taking risks and learning new skills that some might find easy but easily intimidated her - things like learning to ride a bike, diving into a pool, and even mastering a handstand. The results left her feeling triumphant - and she now encourages other to do the same in her new book 'Some Nerve.' Before her appearance at Forever Books in St. Joseph on August 7, she shared her tips for facing your fears whatever your age, beginning with how she learned to surf - in February on the shores of Lake Michigan, no less:  


Kellogg's profits were down 16% in the second quarter, compared to a year ago. 


A new poll shows Governor Rick Snyder with a three point lead over Democratic challenger Mark Schauer. 


Democrats continue to call for the state to end its contract with the company providing food service in Michigan prisons.