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Wedding Secrets is about a couple who secretly married in Las Vegas after only knowing each other for a few weeks. Instead of breaking the good news to their families, the couple plans an engagement party to help everyone get to know each other. But we soon find out that members of the bride and groom's families have secrets of their own.

WMU Office of Sustainability

On WestSouthwest, "doing well by doing good", and the Democrat running in one of Michigan's most competitive state Senate races.



McCann says funding for education is a top priority for him in the state Legislature. He says Michigan needs to grow its middle class. But McCann says the Legislature has not moved in that direction since he was elected to the state House in 2010. 


WMU Office of Sustainability

Judy Wicks says her interest in local food, small business and sustainability goes back to her childhood. 

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Detroit's two major newspapers had pollsters select undecided voters for Sunday night's town hall forum for governor.