History & Film
10:53 am
Thu March 7, 2013

Why we watch movies about historical events

An interview with WMU professor of communication, Steve Lipkin

Steven Spielberg’s movie Lincoln and Ben Affleck’s Argo both did well at the box office and the Oscars. But why were these historical films so popular?

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10:49 am
Thu March 7, 2013

Flaming meteors and comets, oh my!

Meteorite explodes over Russia in February
Credit AP Photo / Nasha Gazeta

Shortly after a large meteorite exploded over Russia last month, some people started thinking about a much larger event millions of years ago. Scientists believe that a massive meteorite impact probably doomed the dinosaurs to extinction. That makes many wonder if we could be next.  

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Michigan unemployment rate
6:43 am
Thu March 7, 2013

Michigan unemployment rate unchanged in Saturday

Credit WMUK

Michigan's unemployment rate was unchanged in January. 

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12:00 pm
Tue March 5, 2013

Grassroots celebrates 35 years

Lorraine Caron (left) and Mark Sahlgren (right) at the 2013 Cooper's Glen Music Festival at the Radisson Plaza in Kalamazoo.
Zolton Cohen

Grassroots celebrated its 35th anniversary recently at Cooper's Glen Great Lakes Acoustic Music Festival. Since its inception, Grassroots has been playing its self-described mix of "real music for real people" across the region no matter what.

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Kenyan Elections
9:10 am
Tue March 5, 2013

Paw Paw Couple observes election in Kenya, could be there for run-off

Line outside polling station in Lumakanda
Credit Peacemaking in Africa Blog

A Paw Paw couple worked as election observers on Monday in Kenya. It was the first election held in the African nation since a new Constitution was ratified. Joe and Kathy Ossman spoke by Skype with WMUK's Gordon Evans on Tuesday morning.

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