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Governor Rick Snyder has begun his second term as Michigan’s 48th governor. He took the oath of office in a ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol in the freezing cold. 

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The first WestSouthwest of 2015 features two interviews originally broadcast in the last year. One on electing State Supreme Court Justices and another on hoarding. 

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Best known for producing local indie and folk albums, the Double Phelix Collective's hip-hop creation is turning one year old. Maraj is playing Bell's Brewery on New Year's Eve along with The Go Rounds and Kansas Bible Company. Maraj will close out the show at midnight.

Karin and David Code of the duo Norse Code
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David and Karin Code’s passion for Norwegian folk music began when they went to a dance.

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On WestSouthwest, rebroadcasts of interviews on infant mortality and the life of John Harvey Kellogg.