The Allegan District Library just finished out its centennial year - or we should say its centennial year as a Carnegie Library.

On the Christmas edition of WestSouthwest, a rebroadcast of an interview on the benefits of high quality pre-school.



Fourteen year-old violinist Liya Jin and seventeen year-old violist Maisie Snyder have been playing in the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony for four and five years, respectively.

Although both mix their passion for music with other pursuits, such as science and swimming, Maisie and Liya are accomplished performers as soloists, orchestra members, and as members of the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony String Quartet. 

KPH Gets New Director

Dec 22, 2014

A Kent County mental health administrator will take over as director of the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital in early January. The state Department of Community Health says Jill Krause's first day in her new job will be January 7th.

Krause has been in charge of the mental health services authority in the Grand Rapids area.


On WestSouthwest, how Early/Middle College can help students get an Associate's Degree with an extra year of high school. And new concerns about pipeline safety in Michigan.