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(MPRN-Sterling Heights) Ohio Gov. John Kasich brought his presidential campaign to southeast Michigan on Monday. 

"Michigan may be gaining jobs faster than much of the rest of the nation, but those new jobs aren’t making the state a prosperous place to live, according to a study released Monday." (Detroit News)


On WestSouthwest, a Western Michigan University Professor explains the complexity of "tax inversions." And an author explains why he thinks Israel's current course is "not sustainable." 

"On an afternoon where most of Northwestern’s lineup came out looking sluggish, junior guard Ashley Deary helped fuel the team to keep it undefeated in a win over Western Michigan on Sunday." (The Daily Northwestern)


(MPRN-Lansing) A Democratic state Senator hopes to repeal Michigan’s “stand-your-ground” law. Under that law, a person can use deadly force against someone else with no requirement to retreat.