"The state needs a moratorium on the opening of new charters in order to provide enrollment stability for Michigan schools, must address the needs of high-poverty students and must address the needs of districts that are spiraling into financial disaster, State Superintendent Mike Flanagan told members of the Legislature this morning." (Detroit Free Press)

"Starting Monday, Lakeview High School will begin 10 minutes earlier and end three minutes later. Lakeview Middle School will also end three minutes later. The middle school start time will not change and the elementary schools will remain on the same schedule." (Battle Creek Enquirer)

Nick Webb, Wikimedia Commons

On WestSouthwest, the Kalamazoo Community Foundation implements a new strategic plan and examining the fallout from "net neutrality." 


Nick Webb, Wikimedia Commons

Western Michigan University Communication Professor Rick Gershon says the idea of "net neutrality" has been the basic rule governing the Internet for the last 20 years. The Federal Communications Commission issued a ruling last week seen as a victory for "net neutrality." 

Kalamazoo Community Foundation

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation has launched a new strategic plan for the next two years. It will focus on equity, education and engagement. The foundation's board approved the new vision in September.

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