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As early as November, the Portage Public Schools could ask voters to approve several major building projects. The Board of Education is months away from a final proposal. It could build several new or remodeled middle and elementary schools as well as new pools and stadiums. The district might also close one of its middle schools. And that raises concerns for at least one parent.

New Battle Creek City Manager Rebecca Fleury says the appointments are part of the city's strategic plan.

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On WestSouthwest, NPR Ted Radio Hour host Guy Raz tells us about taking over a "blank room." And State Representative Jon Hoadley on tax credits, the budget, roads and other issues. 

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NPR Host Guy Raz says "there's no real rhyme or reason" for how every TED Radio Hour is produced. He says sometimes he'll hear a TED Talk that he loves and he'll look for others that might make a full show. Raz says other times he and the show's producers will develop a theme and look for TED Talks that fit.

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State Representative Jon Hoadley says legacy tax credits to businesses have busted a hole in the state budget. He says the state can't operate with such uncertainty decades into the future. The Kalamazoo Democrat says the state should get concessions from businesses with unclaimed tax credits.