W.K. Kellogg is best known for his breakfast cereals, but his brother, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, is better known for running the Battle Creek Sanitarium and his seemingly radical religious beliefs.

Battle Creek Police officer Zack Burgess says one of the worst things about online bullying is that it’s hard to escape.

"It used to be where, you know you go to school, you stick it out for six hours and you get bullied at school, you go home and you’re done. You don’t have to worry – it’s your safe zone," he says.

"Now you come home, you don’t have a safe zone because it’s constantly there."

Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center

A gathering at Kalamazoo College on Sunday, January 23, remembered transgendered people around the world who’ve been killed in hate crimes. But organizers of the annual “Transgender Day of Remembrance” hope it inspires as well as giving a chance to mourn.

Artist and educator Sojn Boothroyd helped organize at the event at the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

Bob Duke/Texas A&M Press

On WestSouthwest, a new book on Lyndon Johnson and one his closest allies in Congress. And the second round of open enrollment under the Federal Affordable Care Act. 


Bob Duke/Texas A&M Press

Retired Eastern Michigan University Professor Bob Duke says a key ally of President Lyndon Johnson has "slipped through the cracks" of history.