"Michigan's popular Medicaid expansion program will face an uncertain future if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down a key plank of the Affordable Care Act this month." (MLive)

"Michigan's prison food contractor, Aramark Correctional Services, is targeted in a bipartisan bill to require food safety inspections of prison kitchens, following the most recent incident involving maggots in or around food." (Detroit Free Press)

"A baby with whooping cough struggles for life while attached to a heart-lung bypass machine. A child on a ventilator suffers intractable seizures because of meningitis. Drs. Ryan and Andrea Hadley, both physicians for University of Michigan Health System, know first-hand the devastation caused by vaccine-preventable diseases. They also know contagious diseases such as measles and whooping cough are making a comeback." (Kalamazoo Gazette)

"On a day the Battle Creek Bombers announced that a previous win had to be vacated, the team got one back by way of a victory over the visiting Wisconsin Woodchucks. Battle Creek plated three runs in the first inning and it was all the offense it would need in a 5-1 win front of 799 fans at C.O. Brown Stadium on Tuesday night." (Battle Creek Enquirer)

"Battle Creek city commissioners said Jeff Domenico publicly attacked the police department and its leadership in a way that violated the ethics code they sign when taking office. Then they voted to give him the same punishment that he's already received twice — a verbal reprimand in a private setting." (Battle Creek Enquirer)