Cara Lieurance

Announcer & Producer

Cara Lieurance covers local music with live morning interviews, and produces WMUK's Let's Hear It weekday evenings Tues-Fri, showcasing local interviews and performances. She also produces The Pure Drop, an hour of Celtic music, with musician Dave Marlatt.

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The six cello suites of Johann Sebastian Bach are transformative works for those who play them. Richard Narroway, who won the gold medal in 2010 at the Stulberg International String Competition, will perform three suites at First Congregational Church of Kalamazoo on Saturday, in a concert sponsored jointly by the Stulberg and the Kalamazoo Bach Festival.

With Gershwin's timeless dance tunes and a fresh, funny story to tie them together, Crazy For You marked the reclaiming of the American musical from the Brits when it debuted in 1992. Crazy For You is director Ben Zylman's swan song as a staff member of the Kalamazoo Civic.

Chad Boorsma

A major work by English composer John Rutter, his Mass Of The Children, will unite the Kalamazoo Singers and the Kalamazoo Children's Chorus this Sunday at First United Methodist Church. Conductors Rick Phelps (Kalamazoo Singers) and Fred Sang (Kalamazoo Children's Chorus) will also lead each others' ensembles in various choral works. 

On Tuesday night at the New Vic Theatre in Kalamazoo, flutist Mira Shifrin will present 'An Evening of Beautiful Melodies.' It's a program she's been dreaming up for a long time: showcasing the deep lyricism of the instrument rather than its high-speed bird-like tendencies. She joins Cara Lieurance in WMUK's Takeda studio to preview the concert by playing selections by Reinecke and Mozart.

The School of Music at Western Michigan University will celebrate the end of the school year with the 56th annual Concerto Concert on Sunday. Flutist Maria Vizcarra, percussionist Amber Feltrin, and tubist Chance Trottman-Huiet were awarded the three winning spots in the 2015 competition.