Cara Lieurance

Announcer & Producer

Cara Lieurance covers local music with live morning interviews, and produces WMUK's Let's Hear It weekday evenings Tues-Fri, showcasing local interviews and performances. She also produces The Pure Drop, an hour of Celtic music, with musician Dave Marlatt.

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In an interview with Cara Lieurance, music director Raymond Harvey discusses the only work on Friday night's program: the Symphony No. 6 'Tragic' by Gustav Mahler. The orchestra will expand from 85 to over 100 players, particularly the wind and brass sections. Harvey takes a tour of the symphony, movement by movement, and explains some of the artistic decisions a performance of the piece requires.

Director Rob Weiner and cast members Jarrad Biron Green (Melvin Ferd The Third/Toxic Avenger), Deon'te Goodman ("Black Dude," covering multiple roles) and Jessica Medoff (Mayor Babs Belgoody) recently joined Cara Lieurance for a lively discussion about the R-rated but fun-loving cult musical, The Toxic Avenger.

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The Western Michigan University Symphony Orchestra will present a free concert at 3 pm Sunday in Miller Auditorium, conducted by Dr. Bruce Uchimura, music director of the symphony. The famous tone-poem Sheherazade by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov is on the program, as is a well-known trumpet concerto by Alexander Arutiunian. Bob White, WMU professor of trumpet, is the soloist. Both Uchimura and White share their thoughts on the program with Cara Lieurance.


Jeff Herriott, who teaches composition at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, recently visited Western Michigan University to hear his work, The Stone Tapestry, performed by guest artists Due East and student musicians.

Elisabeth Blair, via

WMUK is featuring Kalamazoo resident Elisabeth Blair's Listening To Ladies podcasts on Mondays at 10:00 am this month. They grew out of Blair's desire to discover and shed light on the work of current and past composers who are women.