Gordon Bolar

General Manager

Gordon Bolar brings 16 years of Public Broadcasting experience to the position of General Manager at WMUK. Gordon served with Public Television and Public Radio stations in Grand Rapids and Anchorage Alaska. He was also WMUK's Development Director for 5 years.

                                        Email: gordon.bolar (at) wmich.edu    Phone: (269) 387 5719

Blog: Thankful

Nov 10, 2015

This November WMUK staff, our members and listeners have much to be thankful for.

One of those is our locally produced program, Grassroots. This music program on Saturday evenings and Sunday morning has featured the best in bluegrass, Americana and acoustic music for more than 37 years.  

Blog: StoryCorps

Oct 26, 2015

From my perspective, one of the most gratifying associations for WMUK over the past few years has been our partnership with StoryCorps. I can’t begin to say enough about the friends that WMUK has made through hosting and participating in StoryCorps initiatives.

  In 2007, I was pleased that WMUK was able to host the StoryCorps Airstream trailer in Bronson Park. We engaged many segments of the community and involved a wide range of individuals in telling and playing some of the stories on our air.

Before I came to work at WMUK several years ago I was aware of what is called a “Driveway Moment”. You might have had this experience- you hear a national or local story, or perhaps a piece of music, that is so riveting you’re sorry you arrived home so soon. You sit in the car and try to remind yourself its time to turn off the engine and go inside- but you can’t. 

A few weeks ago I experienced a brief moment of sadness, followed by a familiar sense of pride.

The day after Julian Bond died, WMUK replayed an interview we had recorded in 2014 with the civil-rights leader. Like millions of Americans, I miss Bond’s rational leadership and mourn his passing.

From Where I Sit

Jul 29, 2015

As General Manager at WMUK, one of the things I look forward to each summer is helping with our booth at fairs and festivals around Southwest Michigan. It’s not just the fresh air, the green trees, the smell of the hot dogs or even the offerings of each event where WMUK is present that appeal to me.