Gordon Evans

News Reporter/Producer

WMUK's Gordon Evans is an accomplished reporter and interviewer. A 1990 graduate of Michigan State, he came to WMUK from WAAM in Ann Arbor.

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On WestSouthwest, we have a rebroadcast of an interview from last year on the history of the Portage School District. 

WMUK's Gordon Evans spoke with Western Michigan University Political Science Professor John Clark about how ballot issues can impact other races. 

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On WestSouthwest, we examine ballot issues, both the political implications and the process for getting initiatives before voters in Michigan. 

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Citizens Research Council of Michigan president Eric Lupher says Michigan’s “lassiez-faire” approach to ballot issues presents a number of problems – a lack of trust in the process, less information for voters signing petitions, and more time in court settling legal challenges.

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A Western Michigan University Political Science Professor says a ballot issue can influence other races on the ballot, but John Clark says it requires the right circumstances.