Gordon Evans

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WMUK's Gordon Evans is an accomplished reporter and interviewer. A 1990 graduate of Michigan State, he came to WMUK from WAAM in Ann Arbor.


On WestSouthwest, the Michigan Public Radio Network's Capitol Bureau Chief Rick Pluta looks ahead at state policy and politics in 2018. And a Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Professor explains what regulation means for Internet service providers. 

The Michigan Public Radio Network's Capitol Bureau Chief Rick Pluta joined WMUK's Gordon Evans. Among other things, they discussed Robert Young's decision to drop out of the race for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination and the expected fight over a ballot proposal to change the process of redistricting in Michigan. 

Mary Altaffer / The Associated Press

Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School Professor Paul Carrier says the amount of government regulation on the Internet may depend on whether it’s viewed as a public utility.

State Capitol - file photo
Cheyna Roth / Michigan Public Radio Network

The Michigan Public Network’s Capitol Bureau Chief says time and controversy make it harder to get anything done in the Legislature during an election year. Rick Pluta says if lawmakers are working on a contentious issue at some point “they will run into the brick wall that is the election season.”


Our first edition of WestSouthwest in 2018 is a rebroadcast of an interview about the philosopher Reinhold Niebuhr.