Mark Tomlonson

Chief Engineer

Mark Tomlonson has been WMUK's Chief Engineer since 1984. In addition to his responsibilities for technical quality at the station, Mark also records concerts for WMUK. He was previously Chief Engineer for WBST in Muncie, IN and WAYT in Wabash, IN.

Email: mark.tomlonson (at)     Phone: (269) 387 5738

The Library on WMUK-2

A boy in Northern Michigan spends his time hanging out in an abandoned bus, looking for patterns in the stars and trying to understand his past. Mark Tomlonson reads this disturbing character study of “Timothy”  in author Ander Monson’s story “Constellations” this Sunday at noon on WMUK-2. 

The Library on WMUK-1

From 1919, a story by Japanese master storyteller Ryunosuke Akutagawa entitled “Green Onions”, in which the author converses with the reader as he describes a young waitress going out on her first date and discovering what is really the most important thing in her life. Hear Mark Tomlonson read this tale on “The Library”, Sunday at 7:00 on WMUK-1.