Mark Tomlonson

Chief Engineer

Mark Tomlonson has been WMUK's Chief Engineer since 1984. In addition to his responsibilities for technical quality at the station, Mark also records concerts for WMUK. He was previously Chief Engineer for WBST in Muncie, IN and WAYT in Wabash, IN.

Email: mark.tomlonson (at)     Phone: (269) 387 5738

The Library on WMUK-2

A young man in New York fights his police-officer brother, his diabetes, his mom, his alcoholism and his sister as he tries to get back on his feet after a hospital stay. Mark Tomlonson reads the gritty short story by Bernard Malamud “The Place is Different Now” on “The Library”, this Sunday at noon on WMUK-2. 

The Library on WMUK-1

In a story written in 1833, a man traveling on business sees the shadows of his youth in the faces of young people gathered for a dance, but it’s not so simple with a young woman who reminds him of the one that got away. Hear “The Dance” by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet on “The Library” this Sunday evening at 7:00 on WMUK-1.