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Environment/Technology Reporter, host of "Arts & More"

Rebecca Thiele became the Arts & More producer for WMUK in 2011. Rebecca also reports on issues related to the environment and technology in Southwest Michigan. She assists the station with social media practices and occasionally anchors during All Things Considered. She is a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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An unidentified woman loads clothes into a washing machine at a coin-operated laundry in Los Angeles' Echo Park district, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2003. A freeze on regulations Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared on his first day in office may delay or alter a
AP Photo/Reed Saxon

If you’re one of those people who stopped using microbeads because you care about the environment, we have some bad news. Microbeads are those tiny plastic bits in your toothpaste and facewash that pollute oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Scientists say there’s a new microplastic to blame - and it’s lurking in your laundry hamper. Plastics in our clothes are sending billions of microfibers into our waterways - making fish and other aquatic life sick. 

courtesy of Laith Al-Saadi

Just six months ago, Ann Arbor native Laith Al-Saadi was one of four top finalists on NBC’s reality TV show The Voice. But he didn’t get there by singing top 40 pop songs, he got there belting out blues and rock n’ roll. Al-Saadi will play Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo on November 19th at 9 p.m. and the Franke Center for the Arts in Marshall on December 30 at 8 p.m.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Skidders Footwear Inc. has recalled children's shoes that can potentially cut the feet of those that wear them. The shoes, sold exclusively at Meijer stores in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin, have rivets that have sharp edges. (Mlive)

Further evidence of a shake-up in President-elect Donald Trump’s transition to the White House emerged Tuesday when former U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers said he was relinquishing his role as a national security adviser to the Trump campaign. (Battle Creek Enquirer)

FLINT, MI -- The allowable level of lead in water would eventually drop by two-thirds, and every day care facility and school in the country would be tested annually under legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee. The Flint Township Democrat introduced a bill Monday, Nov. 14, that would also require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to update its Lead and Copper Rule within nine months of the law's passage and prohibit testing methods like pre-flushing, which can mask elevated lead levels in public drinking water systems.