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Environment/Technology Reporter, host of "Arts & More"

Rebecca Thiele became the Arts & More producer for WMUK in 2011. Rebecca also reports on issues related to the environment and technology in Southwest Michigan. She assists the station with social media practices and occasionally anchors during All Things Considered. She is a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra musicians filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge last month after the symphony changed the rehearsal schedule for its Symphonic Series.

DETROIT NEWS--Michigan is 40th in the country for children’s education. Half of the state’s young children aren’t in preschool. According to a report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, about 70 percent of fourth graders aren’t doing well in reading and few eighth graders are doing well in math. Recent standardized test results support the foundation’s findings.

KALAMAZOO GAZETTE--Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation will undergo a 20 million dollar renovation and add 67,000 square feet. The campus at Battle Creek’s W.K. Kellogg Airport will have larger classrooms, a research center and simulation facility, as well as upgraded composite and paint labs. WMU officials say the newly renovated campus will allow the college to increase enrollment. $15 million worth of state money will go to the project with another $5 million from Western Michigan University.


The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality announced grants to recycle scrap tires Tuesday. The $2.9 million grants will fund research on products that can be made from used tires - including a better form of asphalt for the state’s roads. 

West Main Park at the corner of Elm and West Main streets
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

West Main Park is at the corner of West Main and Elm in Kalamazoo — right across from Comensoli’s Italian restaurant. You can walk across it in about 30 seconds.

Arcadia Creek runs through it. There’s a bench, a few picnic tables, and that’s about it. It’s not a quiet spot, but it’s one of the oldest parks in Kalamazoo - founded just a few years after Bronson Park downtown. It's also the oldest city-owned park.