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Environment/Technology Reporter, host of "Arts & More"

Rebecca Thiele became the Arts & More producer for WMUK in 2011. Rebecca also reports on issues related to the environment and technology in Southwest Michigan. She assists the station with social media practices and occasionally anchors during All Things Considered. She is a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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DETROIT - Former President Bill Clinton will participate in the traditional Labor Day festivities in Detroit, according to a source with knowledge of the holiday lineup. The annual Labor Day parade attracts thousands of people attached to organized labor and always features a big name politician. (The Detroit Free Press)

Kenna checks a creek near F.C. Reed Middle School in Bridgman
Rebecca Thiele/WMUK

So far this year 25 public beaches on Lake Michigan have had closures due to high bacteria levels. As sewers and septic tanks age, they can leak human waste into streams and lakes - which can make people sick. Some cities and towns are trying to fix this old infrastructure.

But there’s a problem - how do you find out which pipes are leaking? A company founded in Michigan, Environmental Canine Services, uses dogs to sniff out wastewater.

The Otsego Township Dam
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency ordered what’s called a “time-critical removal action” for the area behind the Otsego Township Dam. The failing Kalamazoo River dam is struggling to hold PCBs leftover from old paper mills. The action orders the responsible parties to remove PCBs from behind the dam - even though that part of the river isn’t scheduled to be cleaned up for several years. 

D.C. Cook Nuclear

Officials at D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman may have found what caused a steam pipe to burst in July. The plant was shut down for a week last month after pressure from a faulty steam pipe wore a hole in the wall of the turbine building. 

DIMONDALE -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's event in suburban Lansing today was pushed back three hours, to 5 p.m., after Trump added a visit to flood-ravaged Louisiana to his Friday schedule. (The Detroit Free Press)