Rick Pluta

A task force appointed by Governor Rick Snyder says state-appointed experts should review the retirement plans of local governments in Michigan. The task force has been looking for ways to help cities, townships, and counties manage their pension and retiree healthcare obligations.

The Michigan Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit claiming the state wrongfully accused thousands of people of unemployment fraud.  

In 2013, the state started using an automated system to flag fraud cases. But the system wrongly identified tens of thousands of people – and some of them sued to get their money back, plus fees and interest.

Larry Page, Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia Commons

The state Department of Transportation is experimenting with an alternative to the well-known M-22 highway sign in northern Michigan. That’s because the signs keep getting stolen. 


Health care providers and patient advocates in Michigan are watching to see what’s in a re-vamped Republican health care overhaul. The rollout is expected later this week in Washington. 


(MPRN-Lansing) The state of Michigan is in federal court trying to force the city of Flint to accept a deal to get safe drinking water.