Sehvilla Mann

Local Government/Education Reporter

Sehvilla Mann joined WMUK’s news team in January 2014 as a reporter on the local government and education beats. Before that she covered a variety of topics, including environmental issues, for Bloomington, Indiana NPR and PBS affiliates WFIU and WTIU. She’s also written and produced stories for the Pacifica Network and WYSO Public Radio in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Sehvilla holds a B.A. in French from Earlham College and an M.A. in journalism from Indiana University.

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University president John Dunn says the next leader of the school will find it to be a strong and accomplished institution. Dunn, who is retiring next June, gave the annual State of the University address at Western’s Bernhard Center today. 

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Kalamazoo County is looking into claims that its veterans’ office was critically understaffed for two weeks.

The county once had two employees who could help veterans apply for federal benefits, but one of them left recently. When the other took a vacation, Commissioner Mike Seals says the office was down to one clerk who cannot help with Veterans Administration benefits.

Seals says that’s unacceptable.

Stu Spivack / Flickr

The leaders of a Kalamazoo County program to fight homelessness say they’re on track to house 100 families this year. That means they would reach a goal set last November when voters approved a millage to fight homelessness for families with children.

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Bicyclists have a right to five feet of space between themselves and a passing car: So says the Kalamazoo City Commission, which voted unanimously to adopt a five-foot passing rule for bikes Monday evening.

While the city traffic engineer had said three feet was better, the commission decided that wasn’t enough room for a car to safely pass a bicycle.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

The Sprinkle Road corridor in Portage might not make you think of nature. But if you walk down Sprinkle near Meredith Street, and look between the trees, you’ll see Davis Creek. The water is clear, with something that looks like rust on top.

“That’s iron oxide coming out of a spring somewhere,” says John Cincilla, who likes to fish and keeps an eye out for waterways.