Zinta Aistars

Host of 'Between The Lines'/Freelancer

Zinta Aistars is our resident book expert. She started interviewing authors and artists for our Arts & More program in 2011.

Aistars is creative director, writer, and editor at Z Word, LLC. She's also the published author of three books in her native Latvian language. Aistars regularly contributes to many print and online publications in addition to freelancing for WMUK.

Tom Stanton

Some of the darkest periods of Detroit's history have gotten buried over time. But Tom Stanton brings much of it to light again in his seventh book, Terror in the City of Champions: Murder, Baseball, and the Secret Society that Shocked Depression-era Detroit (Lyons Press, June 2016). The book took the 16th spot on the New York Times’ Sports/Fitness Bestsellers list for July.


What are the chances of finding an award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer in a village of 500 souls? Actually, the odds are excellent. Martin L. Shoemaker is a native of Byron Center, just south of Grand Rapids, but he now lives in the Village of Hopkins, between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

Alex Raths / iStock Photo

The "Made in Michigan Writers Series" celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. It's published by Wayne State University in Detroit and has proven to be remarkably successful, showcasing the diverse work of Michigan writers. To celebrate, the Wayne State University Press has collected 22 short stories by some of Michigan’s best writers for the new anthology, Bob Seger’s House and Other Stories.

Shamiel Hollins

We’ve all heard stories about the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth. But there are others about African-American history. Writer Sonya Hollins and her husband Sean Hollins, a graphic designer, have created a series of children’s books about African-Americans in Michigan who aren’t necessarily famous but whose stories are inspiring. The first is Benjamin Losford and His Handy Dandy Clippers. They published the book through their own company, Season Press, LLC, in January 2016. It's illustrated by Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall.

Cassie Kotlarcyzk

Phillip Sterling likes his writing short. In his poetry, he captures the passing image. In his prose, he writes a quick vignette, enjoying the word play. But he passes on the novel; it's just not his thing. Instead, Sterling has gained acclaim for his collection of flash fiction, In Which Brief Stories are Told, and even shorter "micro-fiction," Animal Husbandry. He wrote his newest poetry collection, And for All This (Ridgeway Press, 2015) while he was artist-in- residence on Isle Royale in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.