Zinta Aistars

Host of 'Between The Lines'/Freelancer

Zinta Aistars is our resident book expert. She started interviewing authors and artists for our Arts & More program in 2011.

Aistars is creative director, writer, and editor at Z Word, LLC. She's also the published author of three books in her native Latvian language. Aistars regularly contributes to many print and online publications in addition to freelancing for WMUK.

Read and Write Kalamazoo

Anne Hensley and Emily Kastner hit it off the moment they met in a writing workshop — so much so that they put their heads together to come up with a way to bring the power of words to Kalamazoo. The two co-founded Read and Write Kalamazoo in 2012. Hensley is the group's executive director and Kastner serves as its director of education.

Adam Schuitema

Haymaker is a fictional town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula created by Grand Rapids author Adam Schuitema. Haymaker is also the title of Schuitema’s newest book, published in April 2015 by Switchgrass Books. And, haymaker also refers to a forceful blow. All apply to the story.

Loreen Niewenhuis

Her Keen boots slouch comfortably in the closet, shoelaces untied. This is not the first pair of boots Loreen Niewenhuis wore on her series of three thousand-mile hikes, but, at least for a while, it will be the last. For her next great adventure, Niewenhuis is measuring distance by words instead of miles. She's a scientist, a hiker, and a writer.


Independent booksellers and local writers: it’s a literary marriage made in book heaven. The owner of the new Battle Creek Books, Jim Donahue, and “tween” author Sandy Carlson from Battle Creek are in full agreement.

Carlos Osorio / AP Photo

When Angela Flournoy visited her father’s childhood home in East Detroit, she was struck by the contrast between the house and the city surrounding it. The house had been maintained over the years dating back to the 1940s. But the once-flourishing around it had fallen into ruins. And with it, perhaps, the American Dream.