Aaron Miller Seeking Republican Nomination in 59th State House District

Jul 28, 2014

Aaron Miller
Credit Courtesy of Aaron Miller's campaign

Teacher Aaron Miller says he believes one person can make a difference. He wants state lawmakers to "respond to the people first."

Miller is one of four Republicans seeking his party's nomination in the 59th state House district, which includes Saint Joseph and a large part of Cass County. Miller told WMUK's Gordon Evans that he believes that Michigan can improve its roads without increasing taxes or fees. He says expiring tax credits can provide money needed for infrastructure. 

As a teacher, Miller says he's concerned that charter schools are not playing by the same rules as public schools. He says there is a place for private schools in Michigan. Miller says charter schools should decide if they are going to continue accepting public dollars. He says if that's the case they should have the same requirements as public schools. Miller says otherwise charter schools should be private and not receive any public funding. 

Miller says he would like the Republican party to be more "pro-environment." He says conservatives should find ways to be good stewards of the Earth.

At 26 years old, Miller says someone young with passion and energy may be just what the state needs.