Albion School Board votes to close high school

May 15, 2013

Albion High School
Credit Albion Public Schools


Albion School Board members have voted to close the district's high school to cover a projected $1-million shortfall for next year.  The Battle Creek Enquirer reports the board voted 5-1 Tuesday night to become a K-8 district

Battle Creek Enquirer reporter Justin Hinkley told WMUK's Gordon Evans that the board members voting for closing the high school say it's the only way they see to keep the entire district from closing. 

The board later voted to invite Marshall Public Schools to take high schoolers from Albion. The president of Marshall's School Board addressed the board at the end of the meeting and said they would gladly accept the new students. Albion will continue to provide transportation to high school students.  Hinkley says the Marshall School Board will consider Albion's invitation to accept the high school students. He says all indications are that Marshall will accept the students from Albion. Hinkley says there may also be some state money available to help with the transition.  

Closing the high school was one of several options before the school board to close the budget shortfall. The district will save money in part by laying off high school staff. Board member Mitchell Avant said before the vote that he would resign if the high school was closed. Avant left the meeting right after the vote to close the high school. Hinkley says it's not clear if Avant will follow through on resigning from the board. 

Hinkley recently blogged about why Albion is in worse financial shape than Battle Creek Public Schools. And the different racial makeup of Albion and Marshall Public Schools