Black Caucus Meets With Snyder On State Police Chief

Oct 11, 2017

File photo
Credit Michigan State Police

(MPRN-Lansing) Governor Rick Snyder met Tuesday with the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. The subject was the future of the Michigan State Police and its leader, Colonel Kriste Etue. 

Etue faces calls for her to step down. It’s because she shared a Facebook post that called NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem “degenerates.” She removed the post and apologized.

State Representative Sheldon Neeley leads the Black Caucus. Neeley says he’s still not satisfied with Etue’s or the governor’s response to the incident. He says the State Police still has work to do to ensure diversity and fairness in the department.

“We have some recommendations as it relates to the culture, but also, who is going to be the commander is going to be very key to what recommendations are going forth.”

The governor says he stands by Etue and believes her apology is sincere. She also faces an internal investigation for possibly violating the State Police social media policy.