Cast Member Of First 'Forever Plaid' Directs Farmers Alley Theatre Production

Dec 4, 2015

The cast of Forever Plaid at Farmers Alley Theatre
Credit Katherine Nofs

Forever Plaid, the ever-popular musical revue of close-harmony 1950s "guy groups," premiered off-Broadway in 1990. Larry Raben originated the role of Sparky, one of four Plaids who, in the beginning of the show, perish in a bus accident on the way to their first big performance. They reunite in the afterlife to try to fulfill their unfinished dreams. Raben directed the 2015 production of Forever Plaid at Farmers Alley Theatre.

In this interview, Raben talks about his experience with the show, and describes how the Farmers Alley venue harkens back to the original off-Broadway performance space. Cast members Ian Subsara ("Jinx") and Bryan Banville ("Sparky") join in to discuss their characters and how they interact in the show.