City Proposes Changes to Bronson Park

Jun 17, 2015

Alfonso Iannelli's Fountain of the Pioneers in Bronson Park.
Credit WMUK

Even an historic park needs an update from time to time. So says the City of Kalamazoo, which is proposing a host of changes to Bronson Park, the oldest and most iconic in town.

Those range from providing shade for event-goers at one end, to rearranging the park’s monuments and restoring Alfonso Iannelli’s Fountain of the Pioneers.

The city also wants to add seating – in the park’s reflecting pool. In an interview with WMUK, City Parks and Recreation Director Sean Fletcher explains how that works.

Fletcher says a committee that met for several months to make recommendations for the park also took up the fate of one of the park’s most distinctive features – a 1940 concrete fountain by sculptor Alfonso Iannelli. It needs repairs.

But some find its imagery, which includes a pioneer figure facing and standing above a Native American, offensive. Fletcher explains the city’s plans.