Debate over whether a new system is needed to draw legislative districts

Jun 25, 2013

State Representative Sean McCann at a news conference in June, introducing his plan for changing Michigan's redistricting system
Credit WMUK


A Grand Rapids attorney argues that it's up to voters to demand better candidates, rather than change how the maps for legislative districts are determined. 

Conor Dugan wrote his column for Sunday Brunch with Bridge in response to State Representative Sean McCann's proposal to change how district boundaries are drawn for Congress and state legislative districts. McCann, a Democrat from Kalamazoo has proposed that an independent non-partisan commission be charged with drawing district maps. That would require amending Michigan's Constitution. 

In his column, To kill the gerrymander, elect better representatives, Dugan says he supports many of McCann's goals. But Dugan says there are many problems with the proposal. He says ultimately it's up to voters to elect representatives who will put partisanship aside. Dugan says voters need to demand more of their representatives. He says better candidates are needed, not necessarily a better system.