Election 2014: An Incumbent who Taps Into Anger Against Congress

Aug 6, 2014

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Western Michigan University Political Science Professor Peter Wielhouwer says it's tough to defeat an incumbent in a Congressional primary or general election. 

But he told WMUK's Gordon Evans that Congressman Justin Amash still taps into anti-establishment feelings among voters. Wielhouwer says Amash's battles with Republican leadership in Congress and explaining each vote on social media plays well voters. Amash defeated challenger Brian Ellis in Tuesday's primary. 

Kalamazoo County Commissioners Brandt Iden won a Republican Primary for state House in the 61st state House. Wielhouwer says there was no incumbent advantage, and the backing of mainstream groups like the Chamber of Commerce was a bigger boost to Iden than the backing of groups like Americans for Prosperity was for his primary opponent Phil Stinchcomb. 

Wielhouwer says Jon Hoadley's win in the 60th state House Democratic primary showed that a fresh face with a large campaign war chest has appeal.