Election 2014: Large Sums of Money Spent Wisely

Aug 6, 2014

Credit Wisconsin Public Radio

Western Michigan University Political Science Professor John Clark says Jon Hoadley may be a news candidate himself, but showed he knows how to run a campaign. 

Clark says the margin of Hoadley's win for the Democratic nomination in the 60th state House District was a surprise. He defeated Kalamazoo County Commissioner Dave Buskirk and Kalamazoo Township Trustee Pamela Brown Goodacre. Clark says Hoadley's experience in politics showed in the race for the Democratic nomination. The political consultant raised a lot of money, and was able to use it to get his message out. 

Congressman Justin Amash's comfortable victory in the Republican primary came despite many endorsements from influential groups for his opponent Brian Ellis. Clark says Amash's libertarian leanings play well in the Third district. Clark says Ellis' endorsements did not necessarily bring voters with them.

Clark says the primaries reveal some differences on a few highly visible issues, even if primary opponents agree on most other matters. He says differences in style also come through in primary campaigns.