Gongwer Publisher on proposed changes to awarding electoral votes

Jan 30, 2013

Some Michigan Republican leaders are signaling they may be reluctant to change how Michigan awards its Electoral votes in each Presidential election. 

Credit Kevin Lavery, WKAR

On Tuesday, both Governor Snyder and Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville expressed skepticism about changing Michigan’s winner take all system. Gongwer News Service Publisher John Lindstrom says it’s hard to know exactly why momentum has slowed for a system that would award electoral votes based on Congressional districts.   

But Lindstrom says Snyder will need a large number of Democratic votes, including most of the Senate Democrats in order to get his proposed road funding package passed. Lindstrom says approving changes in the awarding of electoral votes would further damage a relationship that’s already rocky.

Republicans thought they could win Michigan’s electoral votes and the Presidency last year. Lindstrom says some Republican are still “licking their wounds.” He says the idea of changing how electoral votes are allocated has been talked about broadly for many years. But Lindstrom says no one has ever proposed a serious change. 

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With right to work bills having passed late in the last session, Snyder is working to get trust among Democrats. Lindstrom says the governor will have to work to earn credibility again with Democrats whose votes he will need on some issues. Lindstrom says the Electoral College issue looms in the background as the governor reaches out to Democratic lawmakers.