John Bippus One of Four Republicans Seeking Nomination for 59th state House District

Jul 30, 2014

John Bippus
Credit Campaign website


John Bippus says after a long tenure of service in local government, it's time to serve the community in state government. 

Bippus currently serves on the Saint Joseph County Road Commission and Glen Oaks Community College Board. He previously was on the Saint Joseph County Board and the Three Rivers City Commission. Bippus says every local unit of government is affected by what happens in Lansing. 

Fixing the roads is a major issue, and Bippus says he has heard about if often when knocking on doors to campaign in the district. He says a consistent funding program is needed for road repair. Bippus says he hopes that gas taxes and vehicle registration fees don't need to be increased. He wants to find savings in the state budget to fund road improvements. 

Asked to identify specific spending, Bippus says Michigan spends more on housing prisoners that neighboring states like Indiana. He says savings could be found there and in other areas. Bippus says he would prefer not to privatize services to find savings. Several problems have been reported with a company hired to provide food service in Michigan prisons. 

Bippus calls public education the core of educating students. He favors expanding career and technical training for high school and community college students.