K College global prize finalists announced

Apr 16, 2013

Stetson Chapel at Kalamazoo College
Credit Kalamazoo College

There are three finalists for a regional prize for collaborative social justice sponsored by Kalamazoo College. The $5,000 award and a $25,000 Global Prize for Collaborative Justice Leadership are being offered by the college's Arcus Center.

There are 15 finalists for the global prize from the U.S. and ten other countries, including Rwanda, Palestine, Honduras, South Africa, and Germany. Finalists for the regional prize include two groups in Kalamazoo: Playgrown and Welcoming Michigan. Playgrown is an arts project that hopes to create "intergenerational play spaces" in Detroit. Welcoming Michigan works with migrant workers and on immigration reform.

All applicants had to submit short videos describing how their projects deal with social justice issues. Kalamazoo College officials say 188 entries for the competition were received by the deadline in early March. The winners will be announced on May 11 after a three-day "Prize Weekend" at the college.