Kids Count report shows child well being slips

Jan 31, 2013

The latest report on child well-being in Michigan finds more children living in poverty. The Kids Count report released Wednesday finds child poverty went up 28% in Michigan from 2005 to 2011. 

Foreclosed house - file photo
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The report finds child poverty in Kalamazoo County increased 49% during the same period. Kalamazoo County ranked 49th out of 82 counties in child well-being in the Kids Count report.

The Director of the Kalamazoo County Poverty Reduction Initiative Patrick Naswell told WMUK's Gordon Evans that the numbers reflect a lack of jobs. He says lack of economic security is a major factor in child well-being. 

Naswell says the numbers reflect the disparity between rich and poor. He says when people find themselves in poverty, it's very hard for them to dig out. 

Naswell says the emphasis on education in the Kalamazoo area, including the Kalamazoo Promise can help address poverty. He says other factors that should be addressed are healthcare and job creation.