Latest economic numbers strong for Southwest Michigan, not as good nationally

Jun 10, 2013

File photo of auto supplier American Axle and Manufacturing in Three Rivers
Credit WMUK


A new report on Southwest Michigan's economy shows strong numbers, largely driven by higher auto sales. 

The Director of Supply Chain Management for Grand Valley State University's Seidman College of Business Brian Long files monthly reports on the area's economy for the Institute for Supply Management. He says the survey of area businesses complied for May is one of the strongest that he has filed in the last two years. 

Long tells WMUK's Gordon Evans that Michigan is still very reliant on the auto industry, despite efforts to diversify. Long says while the Southwest part of the state isn't as wed to the car business, it still is a large part of the economy.

Long says the office furniture industry and improvement in the housing market have also helped the economy in Southwest Michigan. He says companies that supply the construction industry are doing better than had been anticipated a year ago.

As good as things look for Southwest Michigan's economy, the national picture isn't as rosy. Long says that some industries have not been as strong as the auto industry. He says exports are down which has led to an economy that is not as strong nationally as it is in Southwest Michigan.