Lt. Governor Brian Calley Says State Has Better Climate for Job Growth

Mar 13, 2014

Brian Calley
Credit State of Michigan website


A roundtable discussion on jobs and the economy is scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Kalamazoo. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley will participate in that discussion. 

Calley told WMUK's Gordon Evans that Governor Rick Snyder's administration wants to transform the state of Michigan into a "world class, customer service organization." Calley says tax cuts and eliminating some state regulations are important. But he says the state also to be responsive on existing rules and give answers quickly. 

$215-million has been approved for road repairs and construction. Calley says that's only a "down payment." He says a long-term solution is needed. Calley says roads and bridges are the "circulatory system" for the economy. He says it's critically important to find a more permanent solution on infrastructure. 

When asked if that would require a tax increase, Calley said the funding structure for roads in Michigan needs reform. He says the current system doesn't provide a stable funding source, in part because it depends on money from gas taxes. 

While some tea party groups have said they will mount a challenge to Calley's nomination, the Lieutenant Governor says he's confident that he will be the Republican nominee again this summer. Calley says he has broad support in the Republican Party. But Calley says it's important for him and Governor Snyder to stay focused on job growth and the economy. If they do that, he says "the politics will take care of itself."