Mary Whiteford One of Four Republicans Running in 80th State House District

Jul 28, 2014

Mary Whiteford
Credit Courtesy of Mary Whiteford's campaign

Mary Whiteford has worked as a pediatric emergency room nurse. For the last 17 years, she and her husband have run a tax and financial investment business. 

Whiteford says her experience in business and as a volunteer for local schools and government would make her a good voice for the people. She is one of four Republicans running in the 80th district, which includes most of Allegan County. 

Whiteford told WMUK's Gordon Evans that Michigan's roads needed to be improved, but she is concerned about raising gas taxes or fees. She says many people in the 80th district live on fixed incomes and an increase would be tough on them. Whiteford says all of the gas tax should be dedicated to road funding, instead of some money going to the general fund. She says finding enough money to fix roads will be "a tough decision."

While she is opposed to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, Whiteford says she thinks the health care system should be "patient centered." She says currently insurance companies make too many decisions, put too many limitations on care and take too much money out of the system. Whiteford says more government involvement will drive up costs. If she had been in the Legislature at the time, Whiteford says she would have voted for the expansion of Medicaid, allowed under the Affordable Care Act. She says it contained enough protections for the state. 

Whiteford says education should be handled more at the local level. She says the federal government should stay out of teaching.